Picture by Eisuke Kusachi


Workshop  "Heartbeat Picnic"

15, 16, 17 Oct. 2010 @21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Roppongi, Tokyo

by Junji Watanabe (Researcher)
Yui Kawaguchi (Dancer, Choreographer)
Kyosuke Sakakura (Keio University)
Hideyuki Ando (Osaka University)

Picnic with your heart beat!

You don't usually care about your own heartbeat, unless you are in  specific situations such as when getting nervous and injured. In this workshop your heartbeats are externalized by vibration speakers, and they enables you to hear and touch your heart beat, and to exchange it with others.

Vibration speaker and stethoscope are connected to a circuit.

Take the vibration speaker on your hand, and 
put the stethoscope on your chest. 

You can not only hear the sound of heartbeat, 
but also feel the vibration of your heartbeat.

You can also see the change of your heartbeat with LEDs on the speaker. 

You can take the system outside. 

Feel your heartbeat under the sky. 

Feel the vibration with the head. 

When your heart rate is increased, you can feel it. 

In the workshop

Your heart is on your hand.

When you exchange the speakers, do you feel any difference from yours? 
How do you feel if you receive someone's heart before exchanging names?

Go to picnic and feel the change of your heartbeats. 

 Excise and feel it.

The vibration can be recorded.

Even when you detach the stethoscope, you can feel it.

Finally you have to put off the power line from the speaker to stop the vibration.
If you feel the speaker as some one's heart, to put it off  means to stop the heart beat...

 This experience provides you a gut feeling of living self.


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Contact: watanabe.junji@lab.ntt.co.jp

 Special thanks to Tsubasa Yamamoto for workshop assistance and photo model.